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The Perfect Little Gift for ANYONE on your List!

We’ve searched Etsy looking for the cutest and most unique handmade items for your stocking stuffers or daily Hanukkah gifts. From kids to adults, this is the time to order from Etsy. I’m an adamant “No Christmas Until After Thanksgiving” girl, but due to the numbers of orders most Etsy sellers encounter during the holidays, it can be a stressful time of year for them to fill orders, especially since there’s usually only one person making the products. It’s better to order early and not worry about gifts arriving in time, especially since Hanukkah actually begins on Thanksgiving this year (Happy Thanksgivingkkah by the way) and is just a week away. Let sellers know you need the item ASAP, most will accommodate or you can pay extra for expedited shipping. Whatever you personally celebrate, these presents are sure to please this holiday season!



(Photo courtesy of Eight Little Fingers)

These adorable finger puppets from Eight Little Fingers offer a zoo animal for each finger. Great for imagination, play or story telling, these are an adorable option for young kids to encourage education and fun at your fingertips!


(Photo courtesy of emhocollections)

Avoid heavy bowling balls and hard items that might go flying with this soft felted penguin bowling set from emhocollections! Beyond cute, they make a fun game to play on a table top… and they don’t make a lot of noise, so there’s no threat of a headache when your kids play over and over… the only noise you’ll hear are cheers of joy.


(Photo courtesy of OurLittleMesses)

This crayon wallet (from OurLittleMesses) also encourages creativity, which is so incredibly important for young kids. Easy to travel with, it’s also great for fast art projects on napkins or paper place mats in restaurants. They say that “creativity is intelligence having fun,” so give a gift that encourages so much more than just scribbles. TIP: My mom and I used to play a game called “Doodle” where we’d take turns jotting a seemingly thoughtless scribble onto a piece of paper, then the other person has to turn it into a “real” drawing. It turns drawing into a fun and creatively stimulating game!


(Photo courtesy of ThoseGreatHouseWomen)

This I spy watermelon toy from ThoseGreathouseWomen is great for keeping kids busy on long road trips or when waiting in line. It’s small enough to fit in their hands, and they can spend hours shaking the bag to sift through and reveal all the items hidden inside (list of items sewn onto the back). It’s like a portable treasure hunt!



(Photo courtesy of RetroLoveCases)

Any woman deserves to feel like a queen, and this “Queen of awesome land” cell phone case from RetroLoveCases will remind her with every phone call. Not too girly, this fun case is perfect to give to a girlfriend whether you’re romantic or just friends, girl or guy gift-giver. Just make sure the phone it fits on is the same one your recipient has!


(Photo courtesy of Minxshop)

This bowtie necklace from Minxshop is a fun way to achieve the “menswear” trend that is really popular right now. A nod to something that can either be dressed girly or nerdy, this bow tie necklace ensures that a girl will always have the opportunity to “class it up” instantly.


(Photo courtesy of capturedimagination)

These convertible mittens from capturedimagination eliminate the timeless question: “Gloves or Mittens?” Now, you don’t have to pick! Avoid the awkward mobility issues commonly associated with mittens by simply flipping the mitten part over to reveal mid-finger gloves beneath to keep your fingers warm while you’re able to text or use your phone without sacrificing heat or style!



This collapsible shot glass from MAGICreBEL is sure to keep your guy warm in a less conventional way this holiday season. It’s also a fun novelty, a James Bond-esque gadget that fits right on a key chain to ensure that you’re always prepared to “take a shot.”


(Photo courtesy of cobblestonefibers)

Hey, even men get cold! This slouchy hat from cobblestonefibers will keep any guy’s head nice and warm while he’s running around, and may even build his confidence when he makes heads turn! It’s simple and you can even say it was handmade with love… just not by you.


(Photo courtesy of BackyardBrand)

Guys love fun toys that have multiple uses. This working harmonica flash drive from BackyardBrand fits the bill, giving him a fun musical instrument to play with as well as a way to back up files. Even I have to admit, it’s a pretty nifty little gift that I myself would love to get! (The shop itself has a couple of NSFW (Not Safe for Work) images. Though they don’t show anything distasteful, it may be embarassing in some situations, so follow the direct link to the item if you plan on ordering in mixed company.)


(Photo courtesy of SouthCoastDesigns)

Okay, this is just too cool… a speaker made out of an old Altoids tin from SouthCoastDesigns! Is your phone or MP3 speaker just too quiet? Want to share your music with the world? This speaker is small enough to easily fit in a pocket, and will just make you feel really cool when you slip it out to everyone’s surprise and plug your device in.

Parents (or parent figures):


(Photo courtesy of purposedesign)

This beautiful collection of six premium white teas from purposedesign will literally make your gift recipient feel all warm inside. This collection includes such delicate and intriguing flavors as “Blueberry Thrill,” “Mt. Fuji Pear,” and “Snow Maple.” These are definitely not teas that you could find at your local grocery store!


(Photo courtesy of KennyMud)

This sweet heart mug from KennyMud would make any Grinch blush. Clever use of the handle and a thoughtful cutout give the illusion of a heart on the side of the mug. It’s unique and definitely a conversation piece.


(Photo courtesy of ObjectIndustrialArt)

This modern cuckoo clock from ObjectIndustrialArt will update a room while still maintaining the classic silhouette. It doesn’t make the “cuckoo” sound, which can be a blessing depending on the person. However, it’s beautiful and will be a great addition to any home! Love it.


(Photo courtesy of SecretSafeBooks)

This book safe from SecretSafeBooks is a very cool gift for anyone and piques everyone’s interest in secrets and the pursuit of cleverly hiding things—a book safe! A book safe looks like any unassuming book in a shelf, but opening it revels a hollowed out center for keeping little keepsakes or even money. No one would suspect a book…



(Photo courtesy of LeBonbonLA)

The holidays are a great time to let go and just let yourself enjoy decadent treats, like these Tiffany blue macarons from LeBonbonLA! If you don’t already know, macarons (not macaroons) are a delicate French cookie with a really pleasant airy texture, and they use almond flour instead of normal flour. They are extremely temperamental and hard to make, but also very trendy right now. This set of vanilla coconut macarons look delicious and beautiful.


(Photo courtesy of BOSSGirlsInc)

These sugar plum lollipops from BOSSGirlsInc turn the famous literary holiday treat into a real lollipop that both kids and adults will enjoy. Whether visions of sugar plums are dancing in your head, or you just saw the Sugar Plum Fairy in a local production of the Nutcracker, you’ll love these violet confections.


(Photo courtesy of OhSooooSweet)

I’ve saved the best for last… the dessert on everyone’s lips: the Cronut! You don’t have to live in New York to try this sensational sweet, you can order a dozen Cronuts from OhSooooSweet and be the hit of any holiday party!

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