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5 Ways to Instantly De-Stress During the Holidays

For some, the holidays are an exhilarating mix of adrenaline and shopping. Some feel that it’s a type of marathon they’ve been training for all year, and meet it with a wild exuberance that is both hypnotizing and slightly terrifying. For most, however, the joys of the season can quickly become mixed with extreme stress. The noises, the parking, the crowds can all lend a lot to a very tense time of year. On top of the shopping situations, you can also have to deal with family drama, burned baking attempts, and bills. SteerList wants you to add the following things to your to do list so you can unwind ASAP.


1) Stop and breathe. It sounds obvious, but because breathing is second nature, you may not realize when you’re allowing yourself to get worked up to the point of hyperventilating. When you start to feel your heart beat start to rise, take a deep breath through your nose and exhale through your mouth. I recommend a count to five for each to regulate it, but you may have to adjust that for your personal comfort level. It should feel calming, not like you’re suffocating! Repeat three or four times.


2) Close your eyes. For most, our eyes are the way we take in information, so when you’re feeling overwhelmed, shut out all the things that may be sending you into a panic. Super long line at the mall? Don’t have a meltdown, simply shut your eyes for a little bit and let yourself calm down without the stimulation.


3) Run yourself a bubble bath or take a long shower. There’s something about bathing that makes us stop and do nothing but relax… mostly because we’re surrounded by water. Unwrapped presents can’t bother you and bills simply have to wait. Lean back in your tub or let the hot water cascade down your back, and just let your problems float away with the steam.

4) Stress means tensing up without even realizing it. If you’re standing in line and you realize your shoulders are up to your ears, let them fall. Take time to roll your neck and shoulders, and shake out your arms and legs.


5) Take a walk. Walks have been proven to help people clear their minds, relax, and let themselves be distracted by nature. Sometimes our holiday drama can just build and build in our minds, but as soon as we step outside, we see a world outside ourselves. Problems will seem smaller and solutions become more obvious when you give you allow yourself time to decompress.

Adding these tips to your free SteerList app are crucial for your sanity this holiday season. If you’re going somewhere you know will be stressful, add a tip or two among your regular list of things you need to do. In addition, you eliminate the stress of forgetting or needing to remember things from the store, SteerList is here to make the holidays easy with our location-based app that reminds you of what you need to do as you go!

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No-stress Travel Tips

We all know that the start of the Holiday Season is almost upon us. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, or whatever you may personally celebrate, all mean travel plans that are probably being booked as we speak. Often, traveling also means the dreaded, white-knuckled horror that is braving a trip to the airport. No need to stress, SteerList is here to help.


The number one rule of traveling is to be prepared ahead of time. This means that you go through your closets or immunization records at least a month before your trip so you can make a note of what you have and what you may need to pick up (such as Dramamine, a new bathing suit, snow shows, or a flu shot). The free SteerList organization app allows you to program these items by location so you remember to get them when you drive nearby, so you don’t have to run out on a twisted scavenger hunt the night before your trip.

IMG_0432Packing is the next hurdle you have to overcome in getting ready for your trip. If you’re checking a bag, make sure that anything you may need on the plane isn’t packed inside! Bring a oversized bag, purse, or backpack for the items you need within arm’s reach. To help you remember what is where, keep a list of important items by bag so you know exactly where everything is and don’t accidentally pack something important away. You don’t want to have to open your carefully packed carry on luggage for a show of your personal belongings as you frantically dig through it on the plane. If you’re checking a bag, store your liquids in it to avoid the whole 3.4-oz.-security-zip-lock mess. Tip: When planning an outfit to fly in, include a jacket with pockets. I’ll get into this later in the security portion.

If you’re flying to visit family or going on vacation, my biggest, most important and golden rule is to get to the airport early. Remember that the time of your flight isn’t when you need to “be there by.” That’s the time the plane is saying “bye-bye.” Boarding time is commonly half an hour before the flight time, and before you even get there you need to check your baggage/check in and get through security. Don’t make it hard on yourself. Blood pressure rises when you panic, and running late is something that will make your pulse skyrocket. Plan to be at the airport about two hours before your flight. At worst, you’ll get to your gate early and have to relax before your flight!

Security is the reason most people hate flying nowadays. Standing in line makes people reminisce about being able to wave goodbye at the gate, but the reality is that this is the norm and the best thing you can do is be prepared for it. I recommended a jacket with pockets earlier, because it is easy to take off. No rooting through your jeans and holding up the line, simply put everything in the jacket pockets so you don’t even have to scramble to take everything out of the metal detector bins and cram them back into your pockets afterwards (risking accidentally leaving something behind). Be ready to slip off your shoes (varies at different airports) and items like computers need to be easily accessible to take out of your bag if you plan on flying with one.

Just feeling prepared can make travel a lot easier than when you’re running around at the last minute. Flying doesn’t have to feel like you’re being chased or in a race, it can be easy and feel like second nature if you’re ready for it.

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Download our app for FREE in the iTunes Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/steer-list/id661605663?ls=1&mt=8

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