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Easy Halloween Face Paint


If dressing up isn’t your thing but you still want to do a little nod to Halloween, these “costumes” only require the bare minimum—face paint and the occasional accessory. You can even pull some of these off with just eyeliner, black paint or a black pen in a pinch. Great for going to work, bringing the kids trick or treating, or just for when you’re invited to a last-minute party or didn’t realize you were supposed to dress up for the office.


1) Zombies are really in right now, and it’s very easy to achieve while still looking creepy without the fake blood. Start with a light layer of white paint all over your face and neck. Then, underline your eyes with black. Continue around the eye for a hollow look, and draw two black lines along your cheekbones to make yourself look more gaunt. Use a sponge and apply splotches of green and blue all over. Add some messy red around your mouth and chin if you like the more bloody look, but it’s not necessary. The messier the better.



 2) A skeleton or Di de los Muertos (day of the dead) look relies heavily on the face. Paint your face white (though this isn’t necessary), then look at a picture of a skull for inspiration and do the basic shapes in black. Then, if you want to amp it up for a more “sugar skull” look, add colorful details.


3) Cat. This is possibly the easiest face paint ever. You don’t need an artistic hand to do this, simply draw a little triangle on your nose (or go for the accurate “Y” shape) in pink or black, then add some whiskers on your cheeks. Done. Throw on some cat ears if you can find them, but if not then people will still get the idea.


4) A creepy doll/Frankenstein can also be done with plain black paint/eyeliner. With a green base, you turn to Frankenstein, but with no base/white base and some makeup details, it can also be a rag doll.

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Unique and Easy Last-Minute Costume Ideas!

Have you looked at your calendar recently? If not, you may be shocked to find out that Halloween is this week! You heard right, Thursday is All Hallow’s Eve! If you’re anything like me, you may have thought a few times about a costume for yourself or your kids, but never committed to an idea and now you’re drawing a blank. After some searching around, I’ve found some easy costumes that look like you put a lot of time into them when they don’t take a lot at all.


(Photo courtesy of realsimple.com)

1) Rocket man (or woman). This idea from realsimple.com is super easy, just pull together an all-white outfit and add some details with black duct tape. For the super awesome jet pack, simply take two Pringles cans and attach party hats to the top. Then spray paint the whole thing silver. Finish with silver duck tape straps and streamer “fire.” A variation of this can simply include two upside-down soda bottles, also with streamers.


(Photo courtesy of marthastewart.com)

2) This jelly fish costume from Martha Stewart is cute, and perfect for a rainy Halloween. All you need is a clear umbrella and some strips of bubble wrap. Dress in all one color. Not good for an indoor party, but an easy costume to “put on” and “take off.” Tip: So you don’t have to use both hands, use the hooked handle to carry the trick-or-treat bag.


(Photo courtesy of Family Fun Magazine)

3)  A super hero costume is always a winning choice, but don’t choose to dress up like some other super hero, be your own super hero! We pulled this idea from the pages of “Family Fun” magazine. The best way to pull off a sophisticated superhero look is to pick two or three solid colors. This can be any combination, but picking just a few is what will make this look pop. Only dress in the two colors, and don’t forget accessories like arm cuffs (can be made out of toilet paper tubes), a mask, and a cape.


(Photo courtesy of realsimple.com)

4) If you’re frantically reading this post on Halloween morning, this hula dancer outfit is great because it uses items you probably have around the house. It just uses a paper grocery bag (may need more depending on size) and cupcake wrappers to create the leis. Pair with a Hawaiian shirt or bathing suit (be sure to wear shorts or leggings under your skirt too). We like this one because it can be recycled when you’re done.


(Photo from Etsy seller thehoneycomb)

5) This Greek God or Goddess costume only really needs a sheet. Can you say “To-ga, to-ga, to-ga”? We got the idea from Marie Claire, take a sheet and tuck and drape. Be sure you or your child is wearing clothes underneath… you don’t want a wardrobe malfunction! Sometimes sheets can be a little unpredictable. You can also use chord or rope to add more shape as a belt or crossed over the chest to add shape/interesting designs. Make a gold wreath out of a circle of fake flowers or leaves spray painted gold, or use gold paper to cut out leaves and glue them to a headband!

As always, be sure to program anything you might need to pick up for these costumes to our free SteerList organizational app. If you’re already stressing, our reminders can really ease your mind so you know you won’t forget a single thing, even if you feel like you’re running around like the headless horseman!

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A Family-Friendly Pinterest Halloween Party

Are you planning the Halloween party for friends and family this year? Throwing a family-friendly party can be tough if you look around at a party store. Blood and gore don’t have to take center stage at your soiree. If you’re looking for some quick and easy party ideas thrill and excite, these Pinterest picks are sure to do the trick AND be a treat!


Balloons and a permanent pen, what could be simpler? Pick up some orange and white balloons and draw some jack-o-lantern or ghost faces on them for a friendly floating display. You can also send balloons home with kids as party favors! Tie little bags of candy as weights to keep the balloons from flying away.


(Click Here to Find it on Pinterest)

Do you feel like someone is watching you? These creepy eyes don’t have to all be menacing to still give a creepy-cool effect. Simply take old toilet paper tubes and cut your “eye” shapes into them, then put a glow stick inside and place in a hedge or dark area.


(Click Here to Find it on Pinterest)


These two-ingredient witches’ brooms are as easy as grabbing a bag of peanut butter cups and pretzel sticks! All you do is put a pretzel stick into the top of the peanut butter cup and you’re done. Be sure to make sure they don’t get into the hands of anyone with a peanut allergy!


(Click Here to Find it on Pinterest)

Looking for a healthier snack? Simply hollow out a small or medium pumpkin and throw some dip in. Surround with bite-sized vegetables.


 (Click Here for Pin)

 These “mummy” hot dogs look snug and warm in their crescent roll wrappings! Simply get Pillsbury pre-made croissant dough, then cut into individual strips and wrap around the hot dog. Follow baking instructions on package and add two little mustard dots for eyes!


(Click Here For Pin)

This chip and dip “graveyard” is like a miniature diorama! Use any ingredients you want for the dip, just be sure to have a layer of lettuce on top. This particular dip also uses chopped olives as “stones.” You can get strip-shaped tortilla chips to make the headstones as a cheat to make this easier than cutting and baking tortillas, though the chip tree is pretty impressive.


(Found on Pinterest, But Click Here For Original Link)

 Red “Vampire punch” is always a easy go-to for Halloween, but if you want to go for a fun drink that looks like you put a little more into it, try out a 7UP and sherbert ice cream float for a fun “swamp” drink. The 7UP bubbles up when you add the ice cream, and you can even add some gummy worms as garnish for good measure.

Yoda Soda

(Photo from “Here Comes the Sun”)

 Bonus! Some fun and quick games:

“Witch, Witch, Where’s Your Broom?” this is like “Doggy, Doggy, Where’s Your Bone?” simply have a chair set with its back to the rest of the people playing. Place a paintbrush or picture of a broom behind the chair and select a “witch.” The witch sits in the chair while a player is quietly selected from the rest of the players. That person must sneak up to steal the broom, then return to the rest of the players. Everyone then hides their hands and chants “Witch, witch, where’s your broom?” and the “witch” has to guess who has it.

“Pin the Nose on the Jack-o-Lantern” is very easy, simply draw or print out and paste a picture of a pumpkin on the wall, but only draw the eyes and mouth. Then, take black paper and let people cut out their own “nose” shape. Add a piece of double-sided tape (or a rolled-up piece) to the back of each nose. Blind fold and let guests take turns trying to pin their nose on! Silly fun.

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No-stress Travel Tips

We all know that the start of the Holiday Season is almost upon us. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, or whatever you may personally celebrate, all mean travel plans that are probably being booked as we speak. Often, traveling also means the dreaded, white-knuckled horror that is braving a trip to the airport. No need to stress, SteerList is here to help.


The number one rule of traveling is to be prepared ahead of time. This means that you go through your closets or immunization records at least a month before your trip so you can make a note of what you have and what you may need to pick up (such as Dramamine, a new bathing suit, snow shows, or a flu shot). The free SteerList organization app allows you to program these items by location so you remember to get them when you drive nearby, so you don’t have to run out on a twisted scavenger hunt the night before your trip.

IMG_0432Packing is the next hurdle you have to overcome in getting ready for your trip. If you’re checking a bag, make sure that anything you may need on the plane isn’t packed inside! Bring a oversized bag, purse, or backpack for the items you need within arm’s reach. To help you remember what is where, keep a list of important items by bag so you know exactly where everything is and don’t accidentally pack something important away. You don’t want to have to open your carefully packed carry on luggage for a show of your personal belongings as you frantically dig through it on the plane. If you’re checking a bag, store your liquids in it to avoid the whole 3.4-oz.-security-zip-lock mess. Tip: When planning an outfit to fly in, include a jacket with pockets. I’ll get into this later in the security portion.

If you’re flying to visit family or going on vacation, my biggest, most important and golden rule is to get to the airport early. Remember that the time of your flight isn’t when you need to “be there by.” That’s the time the plane is saying “bye-bye.” Boarding time is commonly half an hour before the flight time, and before you even get there you need to check your baggage/check in and get through security. Don’t make it hard on yourself. Blood pressure rises when you panic, and running late is something that will make your pulse skyrocket. Plan to be at the airport about two hours before your flight. At worst, you’ll get to your gate early and have to relax before your flight!

Security is the reason most people hate flying nowadays. Standing in line makes people reminisce about being able to wave goodbye at the gate, but the reality is that this is the norm and the best thing you can do is be prepared for it. I recommended a jacket with pockets earlier, because it is easy to take off. No rooting through your jeans and holding up the line, simply put everything in the jacket pockets so you don’t even have to scramble to take everything out of the metal detector bins and cram them back into your pockets afterwards (risking accidentally leaving something behind). Be ready to slip off your shoes (varies at different airports) and items like computers need to be easily accessible to take out of your bag if you plan on flying with one.

Just feeling prepared can make travel a lot easier than when you’re running around at the last minute. Flying doesn’t have to feel like you’re being chased or in a race, it can be easy and feel like second nature if you’re ready for it.

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Baking A Pie Isn’t As Scary As You Might Think!


Now that it’s autumn, it’s time to let the baking bug take over. It’s wonderful to fill our homes with the scent of freshly made cookies, loaves, and pies… To smell the sweet perfume of some delectable treat just waiting to be cooled on the windowsill. Making your own pie from scratch may sound daunting. Today, a lot of people may go to the store to get a pie, or even get a frozen one from the grocery store. There’s no shame in admitting it! But making your own pie can be a lot easier than most people realize, and you’ll feel really proud of yourself.

The first step to making a great pie is a great crust. You can get frozen crust from the grocery store (we won’t consider this cheating as long as you make the filling yourself), or you can make your own. Again, it’s surprisingly easy and you only need flour, unsalted butter, salt, and ice water. I’ll explain how to make your own crust below, but I just want to remind those of you who may opt for crust from the grocery store to read the directions. Frozen crusts need to be thawed to roll out properly or they’ll break or crumble. If they fall apart though, don’t panic! You can kneed it back together into a ball and roll it out flat again.

Make your own pie crust:

(This recipe comes from “Dana” on Allrecipes.com, and I’ve personally used it many times.)


½ cup unsalted butter, cubed (one stick)

1 ¼ cups all-purpose flour

¼ teaspoon salt

¼ cup ice water

Remember to use our free grocery list app, SteerList, to help you with your shipping list!


Combine flour and salt in a large bowl. Cut in butter until the mixture looks crumb-like (you can use your hands to achieve this too). Cutting the butter into the flour is what makes those yummy flakey layers. Stir in water a tablespoon at a time, until the mixture forms a ball. Don’t just dump all the water in! You might not need it all, and then your dough will be too wet. Finally, wrap the pie dough in plastic and refrigerate. You need to use ice water and refrigerate the dough to keep the butter in the crust cool.


Next comes the filling. You can look up any recipe you want (I always recommend checking out Allreceipes.com because the recipes are rated by people who have tried making them, so you get a good idea of the best recipes out there), whether they be sweet or savory. The best part? You can pretty much put anything you like in a pie. I once read about a family that makes “Thanksgiving leftover pie’ with turkey, mashed potatoes, vegetables, and cranberry sauce. I personally opt for a vegetable pot pie, where I just sauté whatever vegetables I want with garlic and onion, add seasoning, and pop the whole thing in the oven. Unless otherwise advised, it’s usually best to at least partially cook your savory filling before putting it in your pie, to ensure that everything is cooked properly when the pie is done (especially if you’re using meat).

When your filling is ready, get your dough and divide it in half to roll flat. A rookie mistake is rolling out all the dough, filling your pie, then realizing you forgot the top!If your filling looks very wet, you can bake your crust a little (about ten minutes) before you add your filling so it doesn’t come out gooey, wet, or under-baked. Some people brush egg white over the top of their pie before putting it in the oven so they get a glossy top, but you don’t have to.

Bake at 425 degrees for half an hour, and sit back and enjoy the wonderful smells that fill the house!

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