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Stay Warm With Our Cozy Etsy Finds

The temperature is slowly going down and, if you’re quiet, you can almost hear the home thermostats all quickly being clicked up in unison. Unfortunately, you can’t change the temperature outside, so the minute you open the door to your warm cocoon of a house, the bitter wind comes in and blows that warm feeling off your cheeks. It’s time to bundle up. But just because you’re forced to wear sweaters and jackets, it doesn’t mean that you should sacrifice fashion!

Unisex Scarves

This grey cowl neck/infinity scarf from HandmadeABM is great for a guy or girl. Thick and comfy, with buttons to add a little flair, this style makes a classic color more modern.


This yellow plaid scarf sold by Merrysewingnfabric is made from soft flannel so you feel like you’re in your pajamas all day! The pop of color adds a great punch of personality to brighten up your look and your day!


Screen Printed

Screen printed scarves are like jewelry or art. If you’re bummed about having to wear a jacket over your perfectly planned outfit, wear a cute scarf like this navy blue one with gold feathers printed on it. It may not be thick, but the thinner fabric will still keep the chill off your neck. If this particular look isn’t you, SoKoDesigns offers more in their store!


If you want something a little more clean and chic, try out this great bird silhouette scarf. A little whimsical, but still professional, this scarf from ASlideDesign is a great balance of work and play.


Young and Fun Scarves

If you’re looking for a gift for someone young or just young at heart, these funky and slightly geeky scarves add a splash of bold fun to a winter outfit. I personally LOVE this purple tentacle scarf from Creeplings. Unfortunately, the seller is marked as “On Vacation,” but hopefully he/she will be back soon!


This Nyan Cat scarf is inspired by the viral phenomenon that is Nyan Cat. If you don’t know what that is, here’s the video that made it famous.

With that in mind, this scarf from seller EinavIzack is perfect for any internet fanatic!



These fingerless gloves by lilyogini are a little rustic, but in a walk-in-the-woods-come-home-sit-by-the-fireplace way. They are both cute and functional, with thick knitted yarn and no cumbersome finger coverings, they are too adorable to pass up.


These grey fingerless gloves would go well with that scarf we featured earlier. These fingerless gloves from YarnBlossomBoutique are a clean grey with black button detail. They look both cozy and stylish.


If you like having gloves with fingers, check out these great studded leather gloves from Eastworkshop. A blend of hard and soft, the leather is balanced with a girly bow detail. These are definitely a statement piece for any outfit.



This burgundy red flowered hat from AnnasFashionJewelry is super cute and is in the Oxblood red family (the big color of the season). The color is really what makes this chapeau such a great winter accessory.


Last but not least, this bright yellow hat from SENNURSASA is a sunny reminder of spring and summer. The flapper style is also fresh and different, making this flattering hat a definite head-turner.


Finally, if you’re no stranger to knitting needles and are inspired to make your own gifts or accessories this year, check out the Nice and Knit blog for ideas and patterns! We highly recommend checking them out!

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Turn a Gloomy Grey Day into a Fun Day!


Rainy days. They come when you least expect them, blowing in even when the weather man said that it would be dry all day. Rain ruins plans, your hair, and—without the proper footwear—you can forget about warm, dry toes. Don’t even get me started on snow. So, though you may be looking forward to the holiday season, you may find yourself getting a little bit of the fall/winter blahs. Here are some seriously fun activities to brighten up even the greyest and most depressing of days.


1) Treat yourself to an extra special warm beverage. You know that one uber naughty drink that you’re not allowed to have on a regular basis because it’s like a dessert in a cup? Turn a lame day like a special one by allowing yourself to have a little decadent treat.


2) Build a nest. A nest can vary from a full-blown fort to a simple fortress of solitude. If you have kids, building a fort is always the right idea on a rainy day when they can’t go outside. If you don’t have kids (or maybe they’re at school), make yourself a super cozy spot in your favorite place. Whether that’s your couch or your bed, make it as comfy as possible, with blankets and pillows. Stock up on things you love, such as books or magazines, maybe a few of your favorite movies or some guilty-pleasure reality shows you have recorded and just waiting to be watched.


(Photo courtesy of http://www.retailmenot.com/blog/cheap-diy-dorm-decor.html)

3) Take your time stuck indoors to relax and enjoy an art project. Who decides what age we stop doing art projects? Elementary school was all about the noodle necklaces and finger paint, then we move up to middle school where we’re lucky to do a diorama of some sort, and then by high school it’s all just educational posters and power points. You don’t have to be a Picasso to find some great craft ideas for adults and kids, some with items you might have around the house. Check out Pinterest for ideas, such as this great magazine strip art that we found. It looks professional, but is actually really simple.


4) Bake something or try a new recipe! A rainy day can make you feel a little bit like a bump on a log or antsy because you’re not getting what you wanted to do done. If you enjoy feeling accomplished and like you got something done, then break out a recipe you’ve been meaning to try. Baking will also keep you nice and warm, what with the time spent in front of the stove/oven.


These are just a few ideas to turn your cold and gloomy days into a fun-filled excuse to stay indoors. With any projects, be sure to use SteerList, the free app that helps you get things done. We’re a grocery list app (for that new recipe you’re going to try) and a regular to do list app. Whatever you want to call us, we’re here to get it done!

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No Halloween Decorations? No Problem!


Maybe Halloween snuck up on you and all the decorations are picked over or basically gone now. Maybe you hate the DIY movement with a fiery passion because you weren’t blessed with the crafty gene. It’s okay, we get it. You don’t need to join a support group for the artfully impaired! Luckily, the Halloween spirit can be achieved with just some lighting and great sound effects, and it won’t take more than a few clicks on your computer or a quick download. SteerList has gathered the best and most memorable Halloween music for you to play, no scissors or glue stick required. Just add speakers/ a CD player and press play!

1) These “Fright Night” scary sound effects instantly turn your house into a haunted mansion. Full of creaky doors and spooky voices, this is definitely a perfect way to set the mood if you’re into the chilling fun of a theatrical show.

2) “The Monster Mash”! A classic, this song is a hit with the kids and adults. A little silly, upbeat, and full of vintage charm, it’s perfect for a more festive sound. Fun fact: The BBC banned this song from being played on the airwaves in 1962 because they deemed it “too morbid”!

3) If you’re a kid at heart, then go with “This is Halloween” from the movie “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” This song allows you to hear the voices of several monsters as you travel through Halloween town. The upbeat tune balances the creepy voices, and will probably not scare kids too much because most have seen this kid-friendly movie.

4) This song by “The Pierces” was really popular with TV shows not too long ago. “Secret” is dangerously catchy, and its lullaby rhythm gently calms you while also adding an air of unease when you listen to the words. Always remember: “Two can keep a secret when one of them is dead.” This is a great Halloween song, and it’s lesser-known, so it’s not cliche.

5) THE THEME SONG FROM GHOSTBUSTERS! A cult classic, this song makes people happy from the first “Who you gonna call?” Not really scary at all, this totally 80s-tastic song playing on your porch will have people shouting “GHOST BUSTERS!” all night!

6) Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” is the epitome of a Halloween classic. Full of creepy sound effects AND a killer song, don’t be surprised if you look out your window and see a flash mob outside doing the choreography!

7) “I Put a Spell on You.” This slow and spellbinding song is also great for a less cliche choice. It’s also less “dance party” and more “hypnotizing.”

8) “Disturbia” by Rihanna is a more modern song for a younger crowd. It’s a fun party song, and less frightening, more… what’s the word… disturbing!

9) “Man with the Hex” by the Atomic Fireballs. This song has a great, bouncy swing style to it, you won’t mind hearing it on repeat all night because you’ll be dancing and jumping along!

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Tips for a Safe and Happy Halloween

Halloween gets most of its allure from the feeling of being one with the night. Taking to the streets collectively under the protection of a dark sky can feel like wicked fun no matter what age you are, but whether you’re going out with kids this year or on your own, there are a lot of safety precautions everyone needs to take to ensure a happy and safe Halloween.


The first thing to do is arm yourself against the darkness. No, that’s not a line from the new “Star Trek” movie, but it should be your motto. Parents should always carry flashlights on Halloween (always pointed downwards so as not to blind or aggravate neighbors). Have kids wear glow sticks or glow necklaces. In addition, add reflective tape to their costumes. Understandably, kids may be resistant to adding tape to their costumes, so if yours looks like he or she is going to have a little meltdown at the thought of sticking things to their costume, then just put it on their trick-or-treat bag. As long as it’s somewhere on their person, there’s more of a likelihood that they’ll be seen even if there’s no moon.

Secondly, you want to bundle up. I was lucky enough to trick-or-treat in California all my life, so I never had to experience the dismay of having to wear a snow coat over my beautiful costume (though there was the infamous year where I cried about having to wear a sweater over my Cinderella costume and my mom compromised by letting me wear it over my shoulders. If you’re worried about your little one getting cold and refusing to put on a jacket, try layering under the costume as much as possible. Of course, if it’s already snowing where you are, you’ll probably need the snow jacket, but try to make the costume as visible as possible.


If you plan on driving to a party Halloween night, drive with caution. This also goes for pedestrians crossing the street. Use cross walks, and be as visible as possible. Both parties need to understand that on a night like Halloween, everyone is responsible for being aware. Don’t started walking and assume you have the right of way or that the driver will see you. Remove any masks before crossing the street for better visibility/ability to see.


Finally, the topic of candy. If you’re worried about your kids eating too much of it and getting sick, be sure that they have a good, filling dinner to keep them from going into a sugar frenzy later in the night. It’s a sad reality that every year, the news reports on yet another terrifying candy encounter. It’s a sad fact, but some people take advantage of the trick-or-treat tradition to do unspeakable and dangerous things. First, get rid of any candy that could be unwrapped and re-wrapped without notice (such as foil peanut butter cups, tootsie rolls or “Dum Dum” lollipops that feature the wrapper simply twisted around the stick). Secondly, be sure that your child knows to show you each candy before they eat it. Inspect it thoroughly, make sure it’s sealed properly and there are no small holes or unusual glue spots keeping the candy closed (may have been tampered with). Though you may caution them against eating too much, it’s very important that they not resort to sneaking candy. To be really safe, inspect all the candy on Halloween night just in case.


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A Family-Friendly Pinterest Halloween Party

Are you planning the Halloween party for friends and family this year? Throwing a family-friendly party can be tough if you look around at a party store. Blood and gore don’t have to take center stage at your soiree. If you’re looking for some quick and easy party ideas thrill and excite, these Pinterest picks are sure to do the trick AND be a treat!


Balloons and a permanent pen, what could be simpler? Pick up some orange and white balloons and draw some jack-o-lantern or ghost faces on them for a friendly floating display. You can also send balloons home with kids as party favors! Tie little bags of candy as weights to keep the balloons from flying away.


(Click Here to Find it on Pinterest)

Do you feel like someone is watching you? These creepy eyes don’t have to all be menacing to still give a creepy-cool effect. Simply take old toilet paper tubes and cut your “eye” shapes into them, then put a glow stick inside and place in a hedge or dark area.


(Click Here to Find it on Pinterest)


These two-ingredient witches’ brooms are as easy as grabbing a bag of peanut butter cups and pretzel sticks! All you do is put a pretzel stick into the top of the peanut butter cup and you’re done. Be sure to make sure they don’t get into the hands of anyone with a peanut allergy!


(Click Here to Find it on Pinterest)

Looking for a healthier snack? Simply hollow out a small or medium pumpkin and throw some dip in. Surround with bite-sized vegetables.


 (Click Here for Pin)

 These “mummy” hot dogs look snug and warm in their crescent roll wrappings! Simply get Pillsbury pre-made croissant dough, then cut into individual strips and wrap around the hot dog. Follow baking instructions on package and add two little mustard dots for eyes!


(Click Here For Pin)

This chip and dip “graveyard” is like a miniature diorama! Use any ingredients you want for the dip, just be sure to have a layer of lettuce on top. This particular dip also uses chopped olives as “stones.” You can get strip-shaped tortilla chips to make the headstones as a cheat to make this easier than cutting and baking tortillas, though the chip tree is pretty impressive.


(Found on Pinterest, But Click Here For Original Link)

 Red “Vampire punch” is always a easy go-to for Halloween, but if you want to go for a fun drink that looks like you put a little more into it, try out a 7UP and sherbert ice cream float for a fun “swamp” drink. The 7UP bubbles up when you add the ice cream, and you can even add some gummy worms as garnish for good measure.

Yoda Soda

(Photo from “Here Comes the Sun”)

 Bonus! Some fun and quick games:

“Witch, Witch, Where’s Your Broom?” this is like “Doggy, Doggy, Where’s Your Bone?” simply have a chair set with its back to the rest of the people playing. Place a paintbrush or picture of a broom behind the chair and select a “witch.” The witch sits in the chair while a player is quietly selected from the rest of the players. That person must sneak up to steal the broom, then return to the rest of the players. Everyone then hides their hands and chants “Witch, witch, where’s your broom?” and the “witch” has to guess who has it.

“Pin the Nose on the Jack-o-Lantern” is very easy, simply draw or print out and paste a picture of a pumpkin on the wall, but only draw the eyes and mouth. Then, take black paper and let people cut out their own “nose” shape. Add a piece of double-sided tape (or a rolled-up piece) to the back of each nose. Blind fold and let guests take turns trying to pin their nose on! Silly fun.

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Plan the Perfect Autumn Day!

Autumn is a time of year where there are so many fun activities you want to do that you may sometimes need a little help getting organized so you can do them all before the season is over. SteerList is a free app that can help even the most busy and most disorganized people remember to take time to enjoy the little things when they have bigger things to worry about. Whether you need just a little help or are a self-proclaimed hot mess, the SteerList app will help you get things done.


We are a location based app that was made specifically for ease of use and moms on the go. Pick a day from the calendar, then quickly choose locations by simply searching the name of a store and selecting the one you usually go to. Then, make a list of what you need to do. After that, it’s okay if you forget about it, because when you drive or walk near what you needed to do, SteerList will remember for you and give you a notification.

We can help you remember to pick up candy for trick-or-treaters before all the good stuff is gone…


We can help you prep for the rainy season ahead of time, so you’re not running around in flip flops with a plastic bag over your head when the first rain hits (been there, done that)…


We can even help plan your perfect trip to the pumpkin patch…


AND we can help you make the perfect apple pie when you’re suddenly in the mood to bake. We’re a great grocery list app for when you have new seasonal recipes you want to try…


Then we’ll help you decorate your house for Halloween…



Finally, when you need a break at the end of the day, SteerList can even help you remember to pick up a grande Pumpkin Spice Latte to help you unwind.

Again, we’re free to download (we also don’t run on annoying ads), so give us a try and let us know what you think! If you’ve been meaning to start a DIY project or absolutely can’t forget to pick up cake mix for the school bake sale, then download SteerList today and get it done!

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Etsy Fall Haul, Y’all!

With the seasons changing, we all look forward to new things. Whether you like colder or warmer weather, seeing nature transform as if by magic is inspiring. It symbolizes a new beginning, a second chance. Maybe you meant to start a project but never got around to it, now is the time to tackle it! So, to celebrate the change in season and bring you even more “fallspiration,” SteerList brings you an Etsy haul to get you excited about Autumn!

These delicious gourmet caramel marshmallows from seller whimsyandspice can be used for a multitude of fall flavors. Float them in your hot chocolate for a twist on an old favorite, or make some especially fancy autumnal s’mores! Even just on their own, they make any day decadent.


(Photo courtesy of WhimsyandSpice)

These homemade vanilla chai spiced caramels from CandivorEpice offer a mouthful of fall flavor in a bite sized treat. As the weather gets colder, the spices come out. Flavors like cinnamon and nutmeg fill our noses as we pass bakeries and coffee shops, giving us the feeling of warmth in our stomachs. Keep some of these in your purse or pocket for a fun seasonal treat on the go.


(Photo Courtesy of CandyvorEpice)

Invite nature into your home with this wreath made with real preserved Oak leaves! If you find yourself staring out windows wistfully and watching the leaves fall, get this fun decoration from NHWoodscreation. The seller lives in New Hampshire, where fall foliage is world-famous and most vibrant! You don’t have to travel to see the most beautiful leaves of the season, you can keep it in your own home!


(Photo Courtesy of NHWoodsCreation)

If you’re not into spooky Halloween decorations, try out this “Fall in Love” banner to celebrate the whole season rather than a single holiday. The play on words is also an ode to the season if you love it like we do. Cuddle up under a blanket and admire an everyday reminder of love and brightly colored leaves from seller IDoBanners. Also great for a fall wedding!


(Photo Courtesy of IDoBanners)

We all know that pumpkin is the big flavor around this time of year, but what if you’re on a diet? Get your pumpkin fix with this yummy pumpkin-scented soap, made by seller Dailyrepose, with real pumpkin puree. The seller has a lot of positive reviews, but if you have allergies or sensitive skin, you can check the ingredients before buying. Great for the guest bathroom or a festive bath.


(Photo Courtesy of Dailyrepose)

These were just a few of our fall favorites. Visit Etsy.com for more handmade decor, and be sure to visit each of the seller’s shops featured in this article for tons of other great items (just click on their names in the article, the shop is linked)! Also remember to try out our free to do list app, SteerList. We’re a grocery list app, an organization app, and a location based app all rolled into one!

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