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Seasonal Food to Put You in the Spirit (and Fill Your Home with Heavenly Smells)!

There’s something nostalgic about the tastes and smells we encounter during this time of year. Smell alone can bring back vivid memories and feelings of warmth, happiness and family. We scoured Pinterest for some of the best recipes that can turn your house into a veritable potpourri of delicious smells.

Roasted Nuts

There’s a reason “chestnuts roasting on an open fire” is a lyric in a holiday song, the nutty smell is absolutely delicious (especially mixed with the spicy aroma of cinnamon)! When I lived in Boston and experienced my first-ever snow, I remember walking in the Common and smelling  the comforting scent of roasting nuts mingled with the crisp freshness of a new coat of snow. These cinnamon sugar almonds from Something Swanky are fast and easy, and will quickly fill your home with that very same smell I encountered during my very first walk through the snow.

DSC_0205-edited-watermarked(Photo courtesy of Somethingswaky.com)

Freshly Baked Bread

Is there any better aroma than the smell of bread baking in the oven? No. There is not. Except maybe new baby smell, but that doesn’t count. Baking bread means not only that your house will smell homey but you will get a warm treat when it’s done! This beginner bread recipe from About.com is perfect for a first-time bread maker.


(Photo Courtesy of The Pinterest Project)

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Known as a secret weapon used by real estate agents everywhere, this is a seriously powerful aroma. Chocolate chip cookies are a classic throwback to delicious smells of special occasion bake-fests. Of course, you could go to the store and buy that pre-made stuff that you just throw in the oven, but if you plan on eating these after they’re done, it’s probably best to at least put in the work so you can appreciate them even more! You can’t knock a classic, which means two words: Toll House. The best chocolate chips cookies of all time.


(Photo courtesy of Cooking for Engineers)

Hot Apple Cider

If you’re like me and not a huge fan of apple cider, adding caramel for this amazing caramel apple cider recipe from DIY Cozy Home makes the prospect heavenly. What is more seasonal than the smell of cinnamon and apples? Apples add a fruity sweet scent to the pungent smell of cinnamon that makes this juice warm you inside and out.


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Five FREE Fall Activities!

It’s October 1st, and for most people that marks the official beginning of fall. We suddenly have a strong craving for pumpkin flavored things, along with apple cider and candy corn. It’s a magical time of year, where the leaves change colors and even adults can enjoy jumping into a big pile of leaves. So while we’re all daydreaming of crisp afternoons and walks in the rain, here are some fun FREE autumnal activities to enjoy by yourself or with your family. Be sure to add this list to your free SteerList organization app so you remember to take time and have some fun!

1) Collecting leaves is an activity as simple as taking a walk or driving to a nearby park. Take a stroll and pick up leaves that catch your eye, whether they be red, orange, or yellow. To turn them into a work of art and prolong their life, Family Fun magazine suggests ironing them between sheets of wax paper or sealing them with mod-podge.


(Photo courtesy of Family Fun Magazine)

 2) Jumping into a pile of leaves. Simply get a rake or broom and sweep the fallen leaves into a pile, then allow your kids to kick and throw or jump into them. Be careful of jumping, though, and be aware of what your pile is on. Lawn is preferable to cement if your kids plan on diving in, and make sure you have a substantial pile to cushion their jump.


 3) Enjoy a hot beverage on a rainy day. There’s something simply satisfying about drinking a nice hot cider, tea, pumpkin spice latte, or hot chocolate. Feeling the warmth spread down your throat and into your body is a small happiness. Open the windows and listen to the rain.

 4) Go to a pumpkin patch. My family would just pick a pumpkin at the grocery store, but recently I’ve learned the joy of going to a local pumpkin patch instead. They are usually free to enter and look around, and sometimes have things like hay bale rides, petting zoos, and corn mazes (though they may cost a little). Indulge a little and spend the day surrounded by fun and other families.


5) Go puddle jumping. Kids love jumping in puddles, but aren’t always encouraged to do so. One day, dress your kids in rain boots and let them go to town walking through the water and splashing like a duck. You can even take a walk in the rain or let your kids go and run in the yard without an umbrella, but be sure to hustle them into a warm bath right after so your little ones don’t catch a cold!

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