Four Creative Ways to Wrap Gifts (No Wrapping Paper Required)


Maybe you want to be a little more eco-friendly this year, maybe you’ve never really understood the point of buying wrapping paper only to have people rip it off a gift, ball it up, and throw it away… Maybe you’re just looking for a unique way to display your presents this year, or maybe you just ran out of wrapping paper and it’s too cold to go out and get more. Whatever description best describes you best, we have four ways to help you wrap your gifts with items you probably have around your house. Turn on the radio, and let’s get wrapping!

1) It may have once been an old joke to wrap gifts with newspaper at the last minute, but you can definitely pull off a great (and purposeful) clean look with just a page of newsprint. The black and white design makes a great backdrop for a brightly colored ribbon or other fun details for a pop of color. You can even use a sprig of evergreen from your Christmas tree to add a fresh detail.


 (Also, if you’re careful, you can curl paper like you curl ribbon!)

2) Cloth/a scarf. What’s better than a gift wrapped in another gift? It’s like the Turducken of the holidays! Simply wrap the scarf around the box/item and tie a good knot. Simple, and nothing to throw away after unwrapping! Or, you can go to a fabric store and pick up some scraps for a low price. Wrap the gift as though it’s paper and secure with safety pins. Hopefully, your gift recipient will save the cloth to use as a patch or make into something else.


(We recommend using safety pins instead of sewing pins, pictured above. Safety pins will be much safer.)

3) If you’re anything like me, you have tons of old magazines lying around. Magazines are great to use as wrapping paper because it’s a little more structured, meaning you can accessories your gifts with your own handmade baubles. Check out this very easy tutorial for making your own fun bow (featured in the photo).



(You can make variations of this by stopping at step 5, then cutting the additional straight pieces slightly shorter)


4) Your kids may be too young to wrap gifts this year, but if you want to include them in the ritual, you can use construction paper or white printer paper to wrap the present, then hand it over to your kids to decorate with colored pencils, crayons, glitter, construction paper shapes, whatever their little hearts desire! Be cautious handing over the pens though. It’s best to put the gift in a box that can take any bleeding ink so you don’t have to worry about the crafting damaging the gift.


(The photo above features “The Big Bang Theory” themed wrapping/hand drawn details)


No matter what, don’t forget the very important tool that is the free SteerList app. We are doing everything we can to make this your least stressful holiday season ever by simply doing what we do best—being a reliable and easy-to-use list app. We use location based reminders so you don’t forget to get that perfect toy from Toys “R” Us, you’re reminded to stock up on tape when you drive by Target, and you take time to stop by your best friend’s house to pick up her extra magazines for your wrapping needs!


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