Easy Halloween Face Paint


If dressing up isn’t your thing but you still want to do a little nod to Halloween, these “costumes” only require the bare minimum—face paint and the occasional accessory. You can even pull some of these off with just eyeliner, black paint or a black pen in a pinch. Great for going to work, bringing the kids trick or treating, or just for when you’re invited to a last-minute party or didn’t realize you were supposed to dress up for the office.


1) Zombies are really in right now, and it’s very easy to achieve while still looking creepy without the fake blood. Start with a light layer of white paint all over your face and neck. Then, underline your eyes with black. Continue around the eye for a hollow look, and draw two black lines along your cheekbones to make yourself look more gaunt. Use a sponge and apply splotches of green and blue all over. Add some messy red around your mouth and chin if you like the more bloody look, but it’s not necessary. The messier the better.



 2) A skeleton or Di de los Muertos (day of the dead) look relies heavily on the face. Paint your face white (though this isn’t necessary), then look at a picture of a skull for inspiration and do the basic shapes in black. Then, if you want to amp it up for a more “sugar skull” look, add colorful details.


3) Cat. This is possibly the easiest face paint ever. You don’t need an artistic hand to do this, simply draw a little triangle on your nose (or go for the accurate “Y” shape) in pink or black, then add some whiskers on your cheeks. Done. Throw on some cat ears if you can find them, but if not then people will still get the idea.


4) A creepy doll/Frankenstein can also be done with plain black paint/eyeliner. With a green base, you turn to Frankenstein, but with no base/white base and some makeup details, it can also be a rag doll.

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