Unique and Easy Last-Minute Costume Ideas!

Have you looked at your calendar recently? If not, you may be shocked to find out that Halloween is this week! You heard right, Thursday is All Hallow’s Eve! If you’re anything like me, you may have thought a few times about a costume for yourself or your kids, but never committed to an idea and now you’re drawing a blank. After some searching around, I’ve found some easy costumes that look like you put a lot of time into them when they don’t take a lot at all.


(Photo courtesy of realsimple.com)

1) Rocket man (or woman). This idea from realsimple.com is super easy, just pull together an all-white outfit and add some details with black duct tape. For the super awesome jet pack, simply take two Pringles cans and attach party hats to the top. Then spray paint the whole thing silver. Finish with silver duck tape straps and streamer “fire.” A variation of this can simply include two upside-down soda bottles, also with streamers.


(Photo courtesy of marthastewart.com)

2) This jelly fish costume from Martha Stewart is cute, and perfect for a rainy Halloween. All you need is a clear umbrella and some strips of bubble wrap. Dress in all one color. Not good for an indoor party, but an easy costume to “put on” and “take off.” Tip: So you don’t have to use both hands, use the hooked handle to carry the trick-or-treat bag.


(Photo courtesy of Family Fun Magazine)

3)  A super hero costume is always a winning choice, but don’t choose to dress up like some other super hero, be your own super hero! We pulled this idea from the pages of “Family Fun” magazine. The best way to pull off a sophisticated superhero look is to pick two or three solid colors. This can be any combination, but picking just a few is what will make this look pop. Only dress in the two colors, and don’t forget accessories like arm cuffs (can be made out of toilet paper tubes), a mask, and a cape.


(Photo courtesy of realsimple.com)

4) If you’re frantically reading this post on Halloween morning, this hula dancer outfit is great because it uses items you probably have around the house. It just uses a paper grocery bag (may need more depending on size) and cupcake wrappers to create the leis. Pair with a Hawaiian shirt or bathing suit (be sure to wear shorts or leggings under your skirt too). We like this one because it can be recycled when you’re done.


(Photo from Etsy seller thehoneycomb)

5) This Greek God or Goddess costume only really needs a sheet. Can you say “To-ga, to-ga, to-ga”? We got the idea from Marie Claire, take a sheet and tuck and drape. Be sure you or your child is wearing clothes underneath… you don’t want a wardrobe malfunction! Sometimes sheets can be a little unpredictable. You can also use chord or rope to add more shape as a belt or crossed over the chest to add shape/interesting designs. Make a gold wreath out of a circle of fake flowers or leaves spray painted gold, or use gold paper to cut out leaves and glue them to a headband!

As always, be sure to program anything you might need to pick up for these costumes to our free SteerList organizational app. If you’re already stressing, our reminders can really ease your mind so you know you won’t forget a single thing, even if you feel like you’re running around like the headless horseman!

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