Creative No-Carve Pumpkins!

Traditional pumpkin carving can be fun, but also dangerous. Proper carving tools are often too sharp for little ones who may want to participate, or even adults who may be a little accident prone. Of course, you can always have your child draw their shapes on the pumpkin while you carve it, but if you’re looking to avoid a trip to the hospital this Halloween, opt for a more hands-on way for kids to help decorate! Whether you have kids or are simply looking for something different this year, you can try out these creative solutions to your pumpkin problems!

1) The glitter pumpkin! As whimsical as Cinderella’s carriage, simply paint some glue onto your pumpkin and sprinkle glitter on for this glam take on the classic pumpkin. Be sure to lay down some newspaper around your workspace, glitter has a tendency to find its way everywhere.


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2) The more edgy thumbtack pumpkin makes for a super easy and eye-catching way to create designs quickly and with a simple push. Not as dangerous as carving, but make sure all the thumbtacks stay in a bowl and not on the floor. Keep an eye on young kids.


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3) The potato head pumpkin allows kids to change their minds and decorate their pumpkin again and again. Simply look at a potato head toy to know where to drill the holes (one for the eyes, one for the nose, and one for the mouth, then one on each side for the ears, and one on each side a little lower for arms) and let your kids place the accessories as they wish.


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4) Tape and ribbon make clean lines on your pumpkin, for a more chic and sophisticated look. Duck tape makes all kinds of patterns now, including plaid, leopard print, and even One Direction!


(Photo courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens)

5) Painted pumpkins let your kids be as creative as they want with their pumpkin. Whether they want to paint a face or a pattern, just give them paint and they’ll know what to do. If you want a more sophisticated pumpkin, you can try using a doily as a stencil, or even take a leaf from your yard, place it on your pumpkin, paint, then remove for a cool leaf effect!


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Finally, if your children really love the glowing effect of a jack-o-lantern, you can try making one of these Halloween luminaries out of a simple milk jug. Simply wash out an old milk container and use a permanent marker to draw on a fun face! Be sure to use Christmas lights or an electric candle to prevent melting!


As always, be sure to use our free SteerList app to help you with all your DIY projects. We are a location based app, so we remind you of what you need to do when you drive or walk near what you need to do (like picking up thumbtacks or glitter from a craft store).


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