Easy DIY Halloween Decor!

Halloween is around the corner, and part of the fun is not only dressing yourself up, but your house as well! Whether you just want to add some thrill to your décor or are throwing a big Halloween bash, here are some really easy and festive DIY projects that will make your house look a little creepy, but not over-the-top.

 The Shadow Hand


This a really cool effect, because we all know the haunting feeling of seeing a shadow move out of the corner of our eyet. All it takes to achieve is scissors, tape, and a pencil (or white chalk, which will be easier to see on the black paper). Simply pick a place and how you want to position your hand (or a partner’s if you’d rather trace someone else’s) then trace the hand onto the black paper. Stop at your nails to make a more dramatic manicure if you want to make it look like a witch’s or woman’s hand. When you’re done, cut it out and tape and you’ll have a creepy shadow that will make your trick-or-treaters do a double-take.

 A Colony of Bats


As easy as the hand, these bats can make a fun decoration that is what we call “creepy couture.” Simply find or draw your own template (we like this one from onecharmingparty.com) then trace it on to your black paper. Tape however you want, and enjoy the atmosphere of a festive-but-refined haunted house. Tip: You can slightly bend the wings and only tape the body to create a 3-D effect.

Cutie/Mandarin Orange Pumpkins

One of these is more for decoration (though you can certainly munch on them at a party), the other is perfect for a healthy party snack!


1) Take a bag of Cuties or oranges and grab a permanent pen. Leaving the rind on, draw fun jack-o-lantern designs on the oranges for a fast and easy treat. These are great for a kid’s class party, for their lunch, or even just to have sitting around the house.


(Photo courtesy of Pinterest, origin unkown)

2) The second option is much more autumnal. If you don’t want your guest to have to do the work of peeling their own orange, simply do it for them. Then, with the segments of your orange exposed and resembling a cute pumpkin, take a small piece of celery and stick it in the top to finish the look! In the photo, they are served alongside banana “ghosts” with chocolate chip features.

Ghostly Hand in the Punch Bowl


(Photo courtesy of the Simply Stated blog)

I love this really chilling detail. Simply freeze a rubber glove full of water to make the hand-shaped ice. I have never tried this personally, but I’d warn you to rinse the glove a few times first, or run the ice hand under cold water for a bit to get the first layer off. Sometimes rubber gloves have that powdery coating that probably doesn’t taste that great. Opt for a latex-free glove if possible, just in case anyone has an allergy.

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