Emergency Mode: Home Remedies for Cold and Flu Season

As we enter cooler weather, we all know that the sick season will be shortly upon us. Instead of panicking when it hits your home, get the over-the-counter things you might need ahead of time so you can tuck your little one in right away, instead of dragging them around with you from drug store to drug store. Also, this is a good time to go through the medicine cabinet and add anything that’s expired or you need to get rid of to your SteerList to do list app (so you remember to stop and get new the next time you pass CVS or Walgreens). Besides, when kid sniffles hit, we know it’s only a matter of time before mommy and daddy ones follow.


The first major tip for a cold is to rest as soon as it starts. Pushing yourself or your child to muscle through it can make it worse in the long run. Kids don’t always know when they’re really feeling bad until it’s in the thick of the cold, so when they say they feel “ok” it could mean that it’s just not crippling yet. Though you may hate taking time off work or having your child miss school, just think of it as saving them from more time out in future. Your child may conquer his or her cold in one or two days if you take care of it right away, as opposed to what may become three or four sick days later. Tuck them warmly in bed and insist that they rest, even if they say they’re fine.


 The second step is liquid, liquid, liquid. Vitamin C is a big power player in getting over a cold, so invest in some orange juice and oranges. It’s best to get the vitamins right from the source. Also, tons of water. I mean a LOT of water.


To help relieve congestion, have your child breathe in steam. They can do this during a shower, in a bath, or just with a mug of hot water. It will ease congestion which will immediately make you or your kids feel less groggy. Heat packs on your forehead can also help ease the tension For a sore throat, an old home remedy is tea with lemon and honey, but WebMD advises against caffeine that might dehydrate you when you’re sick, so try to use herbal tea. If your kid won’t drink it, then you can try gargling with warm salt water. For mommy and daddy, they say that a little shot of bourbon or whiskey in your tea can help, but not too much alcohol.


Even if you or your child doesn’t feel like eating when sick, insist on a few bites of something. Your body is spending a lot of energy fighting off the bad things going on inside it when you’re sick, and proper nourishment is what will give your body strength and more energy to keep on fighting. Even if it’s just soup and crackers, make sure you and your kids eat something.

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